About Us

Having lived in the US for almost 20 years, I'm transitioning from youth to middle age, naturally leaning towards health and exercise. Across the country, from New York to Los Angeles and now in Houston, I've experienced diverse landscapes and cultures. Encountering many leading healthy lives, as I approach my 50s, cycling has significantly boosted my fitness. Balancing exercise daily and embracing camping with my family has become a highlight. Sharing this lifestyle sparks questions from neighbors: Where to start? What to buy first? Costs and timing seem never-ending. ByCamp caters to these lifestyle needs and inquiries.

After spending nearly two decades in the US, I find myself smoothly transitioning from the energy of youth into the wisdom of middle age. My journey has taken me from the bustling streets of New York to the sunny shores of Los Angeles, and now to the vibrant community of Houston. Each city, with its unique landscapes and cultures, has introduced me to people who prioritize a healthy lifestyle. Now, as I edge closer to my 50s, I've discovered the joys of cycling, a sport that has remarkably improved my fitness levels.

Incorporating daily exercise into my routine while also enjoying camping trips with my family has become the perfect balance of activity and relaxation. It's this blend of health and leisure that has sparked curiosity among my neighbors. They often ask, "Where do I begin? What's the first thing I should buy? How much will it cost?" It's clear that there's a thirst for guidance on adopting a healthier, more active lifestyle.

That's where BiKamp comes in. It's tailored to answer these very questions and to support those eager to embrace a lifestyle that values health, exercise, and the great outdoors.